Hideki Iinuma’s Beauties

Hideki Iinuma Sculpture 1

Hideki Iinuma was born in 1975 in Japan. While participating in solo and group exhibitions all over Europe, he developed a long career there as a woodcarving artist. Hideki reveals the female beauty through his sculptures. His creations are the result of a mental observation of the future form. They are a mix of delicately and roughly carved parts in which one can still distinguish the cracks and he knots of the wood and the traces left from the carving process, so finely balanced that it agitates the viewers’ imagination.  As you see these pictures, Hideki Iinuma photographs his works by himself; he likes to choose the urban and natural landscapes as a background because it helps to understand the meaning that these sculptures carry. The passion that drives him into creating them is the desire to give form to his idea of beauty.

Hideki Iinuma Sculpture 2

Hideki Iinuma Sculpture 3

Hideki Iinuma Sculpture 4

Hideki Iinuma Sculpture 5

Hideki Iinuma Sculpture 6


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