James Roper – “Peak Shift” Effect

James Roper - A Deep structure dispersal

James Roper is an amazing artist born in 1982 in Knutsford, England. He graduated with a BA of Fine Arts from the Manchester Metropolitan University. His painting style originated from his love of anime, comics, fashion magazines and others, in order to achieve a “peak shift” effect.  This term refers to a psychological phenomenon that evokes a direct emotional response, which artists try to capture by amplifying the differences of an object, hence capturing the essence of it. The “characters” within these pictures are distorted archetypes, Saints, or more appropriately for the modern age Superheroes of material excess.  “By drawing comparisons between the aesthetics of the modern media and that of religious iconography I hope to reveal how these conventionally separate visions (materialism vs. spiritualism) are in fact no different,” says James Roper.James Roper - Exvoluta Haxan James Roper - the Involuted Explicator James Roper - Telephone James Roper - lady James Roper - Exvoluta Calyx


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