Jiwoon Pak – Ambivalent Feelings

Jiwoon Pak - a digital art

Jiwoon Pak is a Seoul-born artist specializing in illustration, drawing and digital art. She majored in Fine Art in France and has been doing mainly digital painting works after she came back to South Korea. Jiwoon got aspired from Korea’s traditional painting called the folk painting. Initially, each of the materials of the folk painting has a symbolic and mystic meaning such as wealth and long life. Her early works had focused on re-interpreting the colors and impressions obtained from these traditional and old things. In recent years, she has been devoting to expanding the themes with irrational and ambivalent feelings as to the life itself that should be inevitably faded and disappeared just like those things. Her works are truly unique and eye-catching. With very accurate and different color choice, her illustrations have a very cozy and warm appearance. Intricate and exquisite details in each artwork make everything aesthetic. Jiwoon’s characters are also very curious and a little bit arousing, inhabiting their own imaginary world.

Jiwoon Pak - digital artwork Jiwoon Pak - digital painting Jiwoon Pak - digital portrait Jiwoon Pak - dragonflies Jiwoon Pak - drawing Melancholia Jiwoon Pak - drawing tree Jiwoon Pak - drawing


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