Pitchouguina – Purest Moments

Pitchouguina - a fashion work

Pitchouguina is the new label from Russian designer Anna Pitchouguina, now based in London but producing her collection in Poland. Having first studied economics she is well placed to grow a serious brand, with a style that is both wearable and unique. Her stunning works are based on emotions, drawing inspiration from everyday moments, people, random words and all the little things that can easily go unnoticed. Anna perfectly combines gold with pale pink or grey, and the most important part of her works are detailing. She believes that these details shape our life the most and we see our clothes being part of all of these lasting moments, when emotions and feelings are shown in their purest form. Her goal from the very beginning was to create clothes that would have their own heart-beat, what would communicate with its wearer and somehow establish kind of awkward relationship. The lovely detailing on many of these pieces play a subtle put important part in our daily lives.

Pitchouguina - back of dress Pitchouguina - blue dress Pitchouguina - dress Pitchouguina - floral gold back Pitchouguina - gold and white Pitchouguina - long pink dress Pitchouguina - pink dress Pitchouguina - sitting Pitchouguina - spring-sumnmer


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