John Breed – Quirky Installation Art

John Breed - an installation

John Breed is an amazing installation artist born in 1969 in the Netherlands. He creates works of art for over twenty years now. He finds his inspiration while visiting different countries; he comes back full of craftsmanship, indigenous techniques and makes his own new artworks. John learned graffiti in New York, drawing calligraphy from a Japanese master in Kyoto, got in touch with icon painting in Russia, painted fresco’s in Rome and learned to paint traditional landscapes in China. Recently he has made this quirky installation of rainbow legs. The piece involved 145 multicolored shoes and legs that were eventually placed near German shoe salon РBreuninger.

John Breed - colorful installation of legs John Breed - colorful installation John Breed - colorful legs John Breed - colors John Breed - colour legs John Breed - god's intention John Breed - golden legs John Breed - goodbye paradise John Breed - heaven

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