Polly Verity – Wire and Paper Figures

Polly Verity - a beaked hound of Zeus

 These amazingly intricate sculptures are made by UK artist and sculptor Polly Verity. Firstly, she constructs the figures using wire bases and then covers them with acid-free paper with folded paper inserts, so that they are a little see-through. The results are both beautiful and unique. Polly’s characters are often linked to mythological creatures such as the wire sculpture of harpy, griffin, winged horse or an Egyptian Ba. Polly’s works differ from each other; she also creates life-sized wearable paper dresses, wire shoes, weird masks and flawlessly made origami patterns.

Polly Verity - crumpled paper Polly Verity - flower folding Polly Verity - melusina Polly Verity - paper face Polly Verity - paper Polly Verity - pegasus Polly Verity - sphinxpolyscene.com

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