Jonathan Bréchignac – Mesmeric Carpet Drawings

Jonathan Bréchignac - a blue carpet

French artist Jonathan Bréchignac wanted to create something that would be the result of a longer process. Patience and hard work can make big things happen. So every day he picks up his Bic pen and scrupulously creates these carpet drawings on paper. Each drawing can take up to eight months to complete, while the very first one was in the making for a year and a half. Jonathan treats his delicate effort as a meditation – an activity which allows him to relax. The pieces are homocentric and symmetrical, representing the entire universe. The artist got his idea from the traditional Muslim payer rug. The designs are infused with elements from other cultures – traditional Japanese, Native American, French Roman, Mexican, as well as contemporary pop culture.

Jonathan Bréchignac - blue carpet detail Jonathan Bréchignac - blue carpet Jonathan Bréchignac - carpet drawing processJonathan Bréchignac - carpet drawing paper Jonathan Bréchignac - carpet drawing Jonathan Bréchignac - carpet Jonathan Bréchignac -

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