Joshua Harker’s Inspiring Shapes

Joshua Harker - a gold knot

Joshua Harker is an artist and sculptor born in Iowa City, IA in 1970. These wonderful and tortuously designed pieces are digitally sculpted, and then printed on Polyamide nylon using 3D printers. His works reveal a passion for the abandoned and represents his quest for originality in the most literal sense. Harker’s art is invariably contemporary with a touch of abstract expressionism, traditional and pop surrealism. His influences include Salvador Dali, Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin, Ernst Haeckel, the organic mathematics of the natural world and the mayhem of popular culture. 

Joshua Harker - bugJoshua Harker - red skullJoshua Harker - blue knot Joshua Harker - violet skullJoshua Harker - a white skull

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