Jenny Meilihove – Tiny Dolls and Illustrations

Jenny Meilihove - a night with mosquito

Jenny Meilihove is an amazing freelance illustrator, and most of the time you can find her drawing or making tiny dolls. She was born in Russia and when she was 11, her family moved to Israel. She studied in Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem.  Jenny’s vibrant colours and amazing little characters surely bring joy and good feelings.  She tickles your imagination with her unique style, inviting you to take a peek into her world. “I want my artworks to bring happiness to everyone. I want people to forget about all the troubles they have, and emotionally participate in pleasant situations I capture in my works. I think that in order to be happy, we don’t need much,” she says, “We just need to remember to dream, when we still do another and important things.”

Jenny Meilihove - heart Jenny Meilihove - loversJenny Meilihove - mosquito and girlJenny Meilihove - little angel
Jenny Meilihove - pet Jenny Meilihove - sailor Jenny Meilihove - snowing

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