Justin Gaffrey – Sculptures of Paint

Justin Gaffrey - a blue bird

Justin Gaffrey is a self-taught visual artist living in Florida, USA. He was a chef and restaurant owner before he realized that cooking the same menu daily was no longer appealing. The love he felt for the act of creating led him to the purely creative life of the visual artist. He began with primitive, “folk art” style works, and soon moved to classically impressionistic style of work. Now he creates deeply textured, multi-dimensional imagery. Gaffrey loves to work with pure acrylic paints using the palette knife. Most of his paintings are enriched with extremely vibrant colours, however, he also produces magnificent soft palettes of muted tones. The artist is concerned with both the inner realm of emotions, dreams, myths, and the external scientific dimensions of space and time. His works reflect the beauty he finds in the natural world that surrounds him.

Justin Gaffrey - blue flowers

Justin Gaffrey - butterflyJustin Gaffrey - wings Justin Gaffrey - camomile Justin Gaffrey - horse of roses Justin Gaffrey - pale butterfly Justin Gaffrey - pink flowers Justin Gaffrey - poppies Justin Gaffrey - poppy field Justin Gaffrey - red butterfly Justin Gaffrey - the sea Justin Gaffrey - white flowers


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