Kait Dean: Feminine Beauty

Kait Dean Photography 1
make-up: Samantha Matte
model: Kylee Bush

Kait Dean is a fashion photographer living and working in British Columbia, Canada. As a photographer, Kait is always learning. She says that photography is a field in which there is always room to improve, new techniques to try, equipment to learn etc. That being said, sometimes artists are limited by their equipment. This is something she has struggled with a lot. She doesn’t have a ton of fancy equipment as she writes. One of the most important tools for her is Photoshop. A single seedlight is not exactly an ideal lighting set up for any fashion photographer and it is all she can afford at this point. Though, Kait Dean much prefers natural light. Her photographs are attractive; she has a talent of revealing the inner beauty of women in her photos.

Kait Dean Photography 2
model: Gabbi Leon
hair and make up: Cheri Chung
Kait Dean Photography 3
model: Sam Parr
makeup: Cheri Chung
Kait Dean Photography 4
model: Shelby Leanne
Kait Dean Photography 5
model: Sam Parr
makeup: Cheri Chung
Kait Dean Photography 6
hair & make up: Cheri Chung
model: Kourtney Price


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