Izziyana Suhaimi – Needle Art

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 8

Izziyana Suhaimi is an incredibly talented artist from Singapore. These beautiful works are a mixture of illustration, watercolours and embroidery. Izziyana doesn’t have any formal training in illustration and she thinks that it is not necessary to express yourself.  Suhaimi first stumbled upon this hybrid technique while doing a school project on medical illustrations. After a bit of experimentation and a lot of enjoyment with embroidery, she soon began incorporating the craft into the majority of her work. As the artist says, the beauty of art is in its variety and diversity. In Izziyana’s artwork boundaries are getting blurred and limitations are being pushed.

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 7

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 6

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 5

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 4

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 3

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 2

Izziyana Suhaimi Art 1


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