Karen Portaleo – Animal Cakes

Karen Portaleo - Octopus

Karen Portaleo is a cake and chocolate artist living in Atlanta. She has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, and was represented by Ferrin Gallery, where she was able to show her clay work amongst her idols in the art world. She got her love of bakery from her grandfather who was a pastry chef. Combining this with her art background resulted in beautiful Cake Sculptures. She currently teaches cake sculpting classes around the globe.

Karen Portaleo - CrabKaren Portaleo - CrocodileKaren Portaleo - Dog CakeKaren Portaleo - DogKaren Portaleo - DolphinKaren Portaleo - RabbitKaren Portaleo - RatKaren Portaleo - Rhino

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