Kris Knight – Beauty of Youth

Kris Knight - a girl

Kris Knight is a Canadian painter bringing erotic theme to the portraiture. He is working mostly with oil on canvas and the main source of inspiration for his works is people, though Kris Knight describes himself as “a figurative painter, not a portraitist.” A soft color palette, warm light, pale figures creates a mystical aura by which the characters are surrounded. Male figures seem too perfect and too difficult to figure out at the same time. Their lost gazes bring a feeling of discomfort – a mixture of erotic and asexual moods. They are crowned with candles, leaves, or masked with lace – all of these reflect the beauty of youth filled with symbolism, mysticism, romanticism and regality.

Kris Knight - Sleeping girl

Kris Knight - lace

Kris Knight - In the forest

Kris Knight - hide and seek

Kris Knight - Girl

Kris Knight - Blue Night

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