Leif Podhajsky – Psychedelic Experiences

Leif Podhajsky - art

Leif Podhajsky is a graphic designer and art director born in Byron Bay, Australia. His work explores themes of love and fear and the psychedelic or altered experiences. By using techniques such as balance, repetition, symmetry, recursion and pattern, he tries to “coerce the viewer into realignment with themselves and their surroundings”. Podhajsky has worked with many different musical artists and, in addition to creating album art, has also created artwork for a number of record labels around the world. So music plays the biggest part in the process of creating. It helps the artist turn the part of his brain that overanalyses and makes the things logical switch off. As a result he creates striking abstractions of nature – melting cosmic landscapes, mirrored visas which are truly rare and beautiful. Leif states, “The concepts I explore are universal to all humans and I believe we have lost touch with a lot of these in our modern lives. We’re all secretly searching for answers to true happiness and contentment.”

Leif Podhajsky - blue twilight Leif Podhajsky - earth Leif Podhajsky - elephant Leif Podhajsky - foals late night Leif Podhajsky - hamsa hand Leif Podhajsky - hyperdimensional Leif Podhajsky - leaf Leif Podhajsky - shamanic flight Leif Podhajsky - tame flower Leif Podhajsky - transmorphism Leif Podhajsky - young magic melt


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