Mark Heine – Sirens

Mark Heine - Sirens4

Mark Heine is a Canadian artist, his childhood was spent wandering through his parents’¬†studio, absorbing the progress and process of the monumental projects underway.¬†“Five years ago, I began a new challenge in my 32 year career in the arts. As writing has always been a key component in my creative process, I made the decision to embark on a work of fiction in the genre of Magical Realism. Sirens is a modern interpretation of the mythical beings made famous in the Odyssey, by Homer. The painting series, produced in partnership with the manuscript, represents specific moments within the plot. The written word inspires the artwork and in tern, the artwork and visualizations of this fictional world, would guide the writing. The symbiotic relationship of these two distinct disciplines has led to a unique approach to both. The combination of this two sided creative approach has yielded a rich and visually detailed imaginary world, hidden within our contemporary reality.”

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