Mika Barr – folding A-part

Mika Barr - a pink textile

Mika Barr is an artist and textile designer born and raised in a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel. She creates a series of textiles that fold, fracture and turn in three-dimensional ways, derived from the flat printed pattern. The textiles are made in a unique way in which a 2D image defines the dropping and folding of fabric. They are dyed and printed with an inflexible material which creates a new, three-dimensional textile structure. Mika finds her inspiration in different structures of nature: relation between organics and geometrics. The designer calls this beautiful, organic-looking series “folding A-part.”

Mika Barr - cloud lamps Mika Barr - cloudMika Barr - blue textile Mika Barr - chair and pillows Mika Barr - flowers Mika Barr - geometric Mika Barr - red detail Mika Barr - red Mika Barr - violet textile


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