Linn Olofsdotter – Digital Illustrations

Linn Olofsdotter - a coloured art

Linn Olofsdotter is a freelance illustrator from Sweden. She creates beautiful and inspiring digital collages and illustrations. Her favourite medium is an ink pen because it gives her the possibility of drawing super fine lines. First of all, she makes sketches that will be the main part of the illustration. Mark-making and texturing is also a big part of her creating process. The background textures are sometimes painted or photographed. Then she begins to build the image with many layers using Photoshop. Linn finds her inspiration in different atmospheres of her surroundings. “I love those magical moments when you just find yourself surrounded by beauty. It can be a dramatic shadow or just a beautiful porch full of flowers,” she says.

Linn Olofsdotter - fishtank Linn Olofsdotter - mateus Linn Olofsdotter - pillow girl Linn Olofsdotter - portrait Linn Olofsdotter - red chair Linn Olofsdotter - swan Linn Olofsdotter - tree of life

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