Natalie Shau – Exquisitely Dramatic

Natalie Shau - a beauty couple

Natalie Shau is a fashion photographer and illustrator born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She always liked to draw and view numerous art albums of her parents since early childhood. Her work is a combination of photography, digital painting, and 3D elements. Firstly, she takes photos of models and works on them after on computer to get the surreal cartoonish effect. The result is something much more mystical, surreal, sometimes grotesque, but also sweet and fairy-tale like. In addition to her personal work, Natalie also creates illustrations and imagery for musicians, fashion magazines, writes, and theatre. The artist finds her inspiration in fairy tales illustrations, religious imagery, and classical Russian literature. She loves the ghostly characters of Gogol and dramatic women of Dostoevsky. “Most of Dostoevsky’s characters are tragic and kind inside, even if they make wrong choices. Dostoevsky said: beauty will save the world; and I think it is true,” she says.

Natalie Shau - black wings Natalie Shau - dijora Natalie Shau - dream of winter Natalie Shau - eyes Natalie Shau - ice cream Natalie Shau - princess Natalie Shau - snowflake Natalie Shau - twins

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