Noah Bradley – Ancient and Futuristic World

Noah Bradley - art

Noah Bradley is an American illustrator and concept artist currently working in the fantasy and sci-fi genre. He is best known for his immersive environment paintings and breathtaking vistas. He tries to travel and see beautiful places where he finds most of his inspiration. “There’s something about the natural world I’ve always loved. So being able to make worlds of my own is really a dream come true,” he says. Noah has recently quit freelancing to work on a personal project, titled The Sin of Man, which represents an ancient, futuristic, fantastically primal world. He is exploring the environments, the creatures, and the story that this world revolves around.

Noah Bradley - Bishamons Tower Noah Bradley - darkness rises Noah Bradley - digital art Noah Bradley - legacy of aramasus Noah Bradley - magic forest Noah Bradley - moat Noah Bradley - our grasp of heaven

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