Nuala O’Donovan – Sculptural Ceramics

Nuala O'Donovan - a sculptural ceramic

Nuala O’Donovan is an artist working in sculptural ceramics. She was born in Cork City, Ireland. She completed BA in Three-Dimensional Design at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom and studied ceramics at the Crawford Collage of Art and Design graduating with an MA. These sculptural ceramics combine regular pattern with the characteristics of irregular forms from nature. “The patterns are regularly irregular,” she says. Each part of the pattern is individually made. It takes over a period of weeks or months to construct the form. Nuala is strongly inspired by the history behind every scarred or broken surface.  Imperfections are evidence of life force in living organisms. So her work evokes the transient value of living organisms, linking traces of history, the present and the future.

Nuala O'Donovan - a Teasel Exposed Interior Nuala O'Donovan - Banksia Dancing Nuala O'Donovan - Coral Surface and Structure Nuala O'Donovan - Radiolaria Grid x Nuala O'Donovan - Teasel Combined Patterns Nuala O'Donovan - Teasel Grey Fault Line Nuala O'Donovan - Teasel Standing

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