Jen Stark – Paper Sculptures and Drawings

Jen Stark - a paper installation

Jen Stark is an amazing paper artist born in Miami in 1983. She earned her BFA in Fibers with a concentration in Animation from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has a unique technique of creating hypnotic and colourful sculptural works and drawings. For these paper sculptures, she usually draws out a sketch first. Then she chooses the coloured paper, stacks it in the order and cuts each sheet of paper beginning with the largest hole. The psychedelic colours seem to vibrate, inviting the viewer to explore deeper down the hole. Stark also creates transfixing animations the process of which is more free-flowing and spontaneous. Her works truly seem to grow and expand; they evoke painterly qualities. The drawings on paper seem like some sort of cosmic, chaotic outbreak, but at the same time still beautiful.

httpvh:// Jen Stark - abyss Jen Stark - circle Jen Stark - into Jen Stark - triangle Jen Stark - Trinity Jen Stark - pedestal detail Jen Stark - Holographic Square Jen Stark - drawing detail Jen Stark - drawing room Jen Stark - drawing Sendero Luminoso Jen Stark - drawing tubes

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