Pencil Drawings by Mikael Ålund

Mikael Alund Drawing 1

Mikael Ålund is a Swedish artist.  His stunning drawings show how much talented person he is. Mikael’s most popular drawing is a portrait of a girl with playful curls. He says he likes drawing hair, and he thinks that he is getting the hang of making it look realistic. And I’d say that every single curl is perfectly done, with flawless lines and beautiful shading. The work speaks for itself. Many times, some great portraits are ruined by lack of attention to the hair. Mikael brought the portrait to life. And his attention to the skin tone and facial features are outstanding as well.

Mikael Alund Drawing 2

Mikael Alund Drawing 3

Mikael Alund Drawing 4

Mikael Alund Drawing 5

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