Marit Fujiwara’s Artistic Dresses

Marit Fujiwara Dress 1

 Marit Fujiwara was born in Norway and raised in Brazil before moving to London to study at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Those colorful dresses aren’t just clothes but the examples of professional artwork. Marit creates stunning and dreamy things which reflect artist’s talents and exceptional taste. Marit crosses the boundaries of Art, Craft and Design; she enjoys the craft of the fabric manipulation, dying and embroidery. Dresses are delicate, they seem to be weightless and while looking at photographs, the only thing you wish is to wear them and to be as perfect as they are.

Marit Fujiwara Dress 2

Marit Fujiwara Dress 3

Marit Fujiwara Dress 4

Marit Fujiwara Dress 5

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