Przemek Blejzyk – Shamans, Wanderers and Sinners

Przemek Blejzyk - a wall

Przemek Blejzyk is an amazing illustrator, street artist and a character designer residing in Lodz, Poland.  His vibrant and interesting characters migrate from canvas to large building-sized paintings flawlessly. Przemek loves creating graffiti and his artwork has been portrayed in major galleries. He often partners with Bezt and the CITY2CITY crew on large-scale graffiti murals around Poland. The artist perfectly combines the realistic portrait style with an ironic twist that results in elongated painting with an irreverent attitude. He uses bright and dynamic colors to create enigmatic and exciting characters like shamans, wanderers, Eskimo, a girl with blue hair wearing a beautiful dreamcatcher, a floral top, and a birdhouse on her head.

Przemek Blejzyk - Eskimo Przemek Blejzyk - house Przemek Blejzyk - on the elephant Przemek Blejzyk - praying sinner Przemek Blejzyk - primavera Przemek Blejzyk - shaman Przemek Blejzyk - traphouse Przemek Blejzyk - turtle Przemek Blejzyk - wanderer

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