Ramon Bruin – Drawings Jumping Out

Ramon Bruin - a puppet

Ramon Bruin is a self-taught freelance artist from the Netherlands. He studied at the Airbrush Academy in Lelystad and graduated as a professional airbrush artist. Besides his passion for airbrush, he also creates distinctively exquisite artwork using various techniques and materials such as acrylic, oil, watercolour, charcoal, and pencil. The artist creates mind-blowing 3D drawings that seem to leap off the page. But it’s just optical illusion. He uses several methods to achieve the desired result. First of all, he draws on multiple sheets of paper and when he is done he takes a photograph from one particular angle. So it’s all about the photograph. In order to make these works ever more impressive, Ramon often adds props like pencils and his own hands to interact with drawings.

Ramon Bruin - catch Ramon Bruin - come out and play Ramon Bruin - glasses Ramon Bruin - keep fishing Ramon Bruin - planes Ramon Bruin - raven Ramon Bruin - self portrait Ramon Bruin - ship Ramon Bruin - snakesjjkairbrush.nl

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