Qiyun Deng – Delicious and Creative Tableware

Qiyun Deng - art

The “Graft” is a tableware set designed by Qiyun Deng, a product designer from Foshan, China. It is a graduation project for her Master’s in Product Design. An impressive set of knives, spoons, forks and bowls have the touch and feel of real fruits and vegetables. First she studies the texture of real plants, copying them with resin, and then imagines how each vegetable or fruit should be used as a piece of tableware. Deng noticed that the texture and shape of fruits and vegetables could be applied to everyday artifacts: for example, a celery stem made sense for a handle; a petal of artichoke was perfect for the bowl of a spoon; and one half of a honey melon would make a bowl fit for the human palm.The result is utterly creative and magnificent.

Qiyun Deng - artitstic knife Qiyun Deng - carrot craft spoon Qiyun Deng - cup design Qiyun Deng - fork Qiyun Deng - lemon mould Qiyun Deng - painted tableware Qiyun Deng - tableware design Qiyun Deng - tableware


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