Rachel Denny – Seductive Beauty of Nature

Rachel Denny - art

Rachel Denny is a Portland-based artist creating stunning mirrored snakes, howling wolves, waxy woodpeckers and her signature deer heads. Her sculptural works are colourful and beautiful with a little touch of fun and humour. Rachel created one knit deer trophy for her own home around five years ago and everyone that visited responded to the piece. So she began to experiment with patterns and texture and just began to make more of the trophy series.  She started using old knitted sweaters and various found materials to create what she calls “an exploration of the seductive beauty of our natural world.” When she was young, she lived in an old farmhouse “in the middle of nowhere in Idaho.” She loved walking in the forest which seemed quite mysterious place for her. These early experiences certainly have shaped her affinity with animals and nature.

Rachel Denny - bite Rachel Denny - crochet animal Rachel Denny - deer Rachel Denny - horse sculpture Rachel Denny - howling Rachel Denny - Inquisitive Doe


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