Eric LoPresti – Art of Conflicts

Eric LoPresti - art

Brooklyn-based artist Eric LoPresti reveals how conflict is inherent to the human condition and how we tend to repeat patterns of history in our contemporary battles. These paintings are historical while also very relevant to contemporary topics. He usually uses photographs to link to a certain time and place. In this case, the subject matter he is referring to is the Cold War. He grew up during the 70’s and 80’s in a place that was involved in the activities related to the Cold War. As the artist says, there is a way in which it kind of continues too. Eric is interested in how we continue to use the metaphors and the concepts of the Cold War. He has a background in science and a lot of his artwork reflects that. The artist is also interested in the drama created by the development of thermonuclear weapons.  LoPresti wants us to think whether it is an astounding success of scientific theory or a disheartening failure of ethics.

Eric LoPresti - crater Eric LoPresti - from above Eric LoPresti - geometric Eric LoPresti - light blue Eric LoPresti - lines Eric LoPresti - satelite

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