Randi Antonsen – Energetic Patterns

Randi Antonsen - a design

Randi Antonsen is a freelance collage artist and designer born in Harstad, Norway. Her artwork is enriched with vivacious colors, energy and love for joy. She used various mediums to create these designs. First of all, Randi draws and paints details with acrylics or watercolor, then scans and puts them together in Photoshop. The result is just striking, filled with incredible patterns and creative energy. Antonsen looks for beauty wherever she goes – is strongly inspired by nature, colors, and every living creature, which is clearly visible in her beautiful art.

Randi Antonsen - birdy Randi Antonsen - birds Randi Antonsen - butterflies Randi Antonsen - floral Randi Antonsen - holding Randi Antonsen - house Randi Antonsen - red Randi Antonsen - woman


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