Andy Kehoe – Wild Things

Andy Kehoe - beautiful colors

Andy Kehoe is a Pittsburgh-based artist creating beautiful world which is inhabited by monsters and strange creatures. The mysterious places seem to be frozen between the last golden days of autumn and the coming dead of winter. Likewise, the characters are stuck between the intruding elements of civilization and some previous peaceful period where nature was untamed. He started drawing beasts and creatures because he got bored of drawing people with one nose, one mouth and two eyes. And these creatures, as they are stunningly bizarre and interesting, seem to have much more to tell us about their beautiful world. Andy makes a perfect mixture of bright and vivacious colors with a dark, gloomy touch. There is a permanent autumn in his works – as if the first cool breezes of the fall air, the smell and the leaves are all alive.

Andy Kehoe - a painting Andy Kehoe - family Andy Kehoe - forest soul Andy Kehoe - forest Andy Kehoe - lonely Andy Kehoe - raven Andy Kehoe - run Andy Kehoe - sky Andy Kehoe -

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