Resin Dioramas by Drew Mosley

Drew Mosley - GreyOwl


Drew Mosley is a self taught artist and carpenter living in Ottawa, Canada. He spends his days between studio practice and woodworking projects around the Ottawa Valley. His free time is spent bushwhacking through the wilderness with his wife and their gentle giant Olive, their Newfoundland dog. “Both playful and haunting, Drew Mosley’s illustrative, character-based works on wooden panels and bowls are simultaneously innocent and foreboding. Scenes depict the creatures and belles of Mosley’s imagined world, in which they appear frozen and in mid mission. In these moments of peril or safety, anthropomorphized beasts struggle to fend off the encroachments of their two legged foes.” (via supersonic)

Drew Mosley - CouncilMeeting Drew Mosley - Hare+Beetles Drew Mosley - TavellingHare2 Drew Mosley - untitled Drew Mosley - AForestEncounter Drew Mosley - TheEggTheif Drew Mosley - Torch Drew Mosley - TravellingFox

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