Rob Mulholland: Mirror Figures

Rob Mulholland - Mirror Sculptures 1

Rob Mulholland is a sculptor and installation artist based in Scotland. His aim is to create visually stimulating and thought provoking sculpture installations. The works often highlight ecological, environmental and social issues. Rob says that he doesn’t want to be an artist who creates dull introspective work that only serves as self-gratification for his own ideas of the world. So he lets us to create our own interpretation and thoughts about different things.

The installation of these mirror figures is a good example that teaches us about the world. They give Mulholland the opportunity to express some of his own feelings regarding ancestry. The visitors of the installation should ponder the lives of those who lived and worked on those hillsides in the recent past and to reflect on how much has changed in a relatively short time. It is a theme of lost communities and displacement.

Rob Mulholland - Mirror Sculptures 2

Rob Mulholland - Mirror Sculptures 3

Rob Mulholland - Mirror Sculptures 4

Rob Mulholland - Mirror Sculptures 5

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