Roza Khamitova – Shovava Wing Scarves

Shovava - Roza Khamitova - a wing scarf

Roza Khamitova was born into a family of artists in Kazakhstan. After finishing design school in Manhattan, New York, she was working in fashion industry for about 8 years. As a visual artist Roza had always drawn most of her inspiration from the natural world around her in the mountains of Kazakhstan. In 2011 she launched Shovava, her personal line of women’s clothing based on her hand drawn paintings and prints of the animals, plants and patterns found in nature. Roza was enchanted by the beauty of wings, its structure and symbolism. First, she sketches big wide-spread wings on paper with a light pencil, adds black ink to create a three-dimensional feel and fills with stunning watercolors.

Shovava - Roza Khamitova - black wings Shovava - Roza Khamitova - purple scarf Shovava - Roza Khamitova - self Shovava - Roza Khamitova - wings scarf black back Shovava - Roza Khamitova - wings scarf colorful Shovava - Roza Khamitova - wings scarf light colors Shovava - Roza Khamitova - wings scarf

20 thoughts on “Roza Khamitova – Shovava Wing Scarves

  1. I have a friend who participates in American Indian pow wows and happens to have cancer……she has to have one of these scarves. I need a price list please and THANK YOU.

  2. I am in love with your work and would like to order two scarves for Christmas. Both in cotton. I would like the Green Vintage wrap and the Night Owl wrap. I have been trying to order on your Etsy shop put don’t seem to be able to get through. (keeps saying I have a bad link). I live in USA and will pay your shipping. Please reply. Thanks!

  3. please let me know how to purchase any of these scarves, they are awesome, and that is an understatement.
    Thank you

  4. Hello, I just received an Owl Scarf and she is magnificent. A special bird for me. Thank you for using your talent so splendidly.

    I would like to know if the scarf is silk, it feels like it, and any special way of washing it if necessary; I know “gently”, but, is it silk or cotton? I paid almost $100 for it(if that helps to determine it). I live in USA.

    Thank you again, for painting it firstly and then sharing it.

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