Ruan Hoffmann: Arty Ceramics

Ruan Hoffmann Ceramics 1

Ruan Hoffmann is a self-taught ceramist born in Pretoria, South Africa. He has gained a reputation for his highly individual pieces. He has worked with ceramics, using plates, bowls, tiles, vases. Ruan’s art challenges conventional assignments of form and function. It is abstract, deformed and subversive. Picasso has been one of his great influences. Hoffmann was a bit of a “Picassette ” when he was younger.

None of his objects are intended to be functional – they are forms hi-jacked from the homey environs of the domestic sphere for the purposes of unfettered, spasmodic expressivity and quick stabs of stinging social commentary.

Ruan Hoffmann Ceramics 2

Ruan Hoffmann Ceramics 3

Ruan Hoffmann Ceramics 4

Ruan Hoffmann Ceramics 5

Ruan Hoffmann Ceramics 6

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