Lizz Conley – Lifelike Paintings

Lizz Conley Painting 1

There is very little information about Lizz Conley but we can boldly say that she is a very talented artist. Her works are stunning, beautiful in details; they look so lifelike. The eye is just incredible. The body is painted so naturally, skin tones, fingers, and the smallest details are made very accurately. The last painting of a baby is herself, when she was just 9 days. “This photo was taken exactly 29 years ago.  I’m scowling in my sleep. It’s a proof that i was tired and grouchy from the birth,” says the artist.

Lizz Conley Painting 2

Lizz Conley Painting 3

Lizz Conley Painting 4

Lizz Conley Painting 5

Lizz Conley Painting 6


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