Sandrine Replat’s World of Nightmares

Sandrine Replat Art 1

Sandrine Replat, also known as Senyphine, is a self-taught traditional and digital artist born in Grenoble, France. Sandrine is a high school graduate in English, Graphic Design and Communication. She likes to draw and paint since her childhood. She uses and mixes different traditional and digital mediums like black ink, pencil, acrylics and watercolours, charcoal pen etc. and usually finishes some details, such as lights and contrast using Photoshop.

Sandrine Replat has a unique style and vision of the world she creates. The most important things are the atmosphere and the feeling she develops in her works. This dreamy world is close to childhood’s nightmares, full of haunting places, mysteries and fairies. Sandrine’s main inspiration is nature, moonlight and legends about Halloween. Everything she creates is too much eye-catching and purely beautiful.

Sandrine Replat Art 2

Sandrine Replat Art 3

Sandrine Replat Art 4

Sandrine Replat Art 5

Sandrine Replat Art 6

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