Sarah Ann Loreth – Exquisite Fashion Looks

Sarah Ann Loreth - red dressSarah Ann Loreth is a self-taught photographer from New Hampshire, who specializes in self-portraiture, conceptual portraiture, and fashion. For fashion shoots she usually leaves the idea open so the creative team can openly collaborate. She generally has a basic idea of what look she is going for and then works it out from there based upon clothes. In her work she tries to illustrate the connection between quiet stillness and her natural surroundings. She believes only in dark things and light things and finding a balance in between. She uses exquisite colors and creates a reality found only in her imagination. Sarah finds her inspiration in words, long drives, and that twenty minutes right before sleep when the mind wanders.

Sarah Ann Loreth - a beach fashion Sarah Ann Loreth - dark lipstick Sarah Ann Loreth - meadow Sarah Ann Loreth - pink hair Sarah Ann Loreth - short hair Sarah Ann Loreth - underwater black dress Sarah Ann Loreth - underwater pink dress Sarah Ann Loreth - white

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