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Sarah Petruziello - art

Sarah Petruziello is an artist born in Athens, Georgia. She received dual Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Painting, Graphic Design and Drawing in 1991 and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the University of Georgia in 1994. Her illustrative works and drawings are scrupulously rendered, carrying dramatic poses and visceral symbolism as a medium for both personal and universal narratives. Sarah often creates self-portrait drawings out of a compulsion to document both fleeting thoughts and emerging prescience. Although some of Petruziello’s pieces can be construed as a social commentaries. For her, art is a reflection of society which we can use a mean to identify and define our own beliefs, views and personal histories. “By using the traditional medium of pencils on paper, I purposefully disengage from technology to find a more fundamental and corporeal means to explore private subjects and thoughts,” she says.

Sarah Petruziello - Coelacanth Sarah Petruziello - equinox Sarah Petruziello - eyes and hands Sarah Petruziello - Gabriel Sarah Petruziello - game of fate Sarah Petruziello - mixing memories

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