Sarah Schönfeld – Internal Universes of Various Drugs

Sarah Schönfeld - a pic of ecstasy

Whether legal or illegal, drugs come in all different shapes and sizes including small painkiller pills, liquid cough syrup, and everything in between. Posing the questions, What would all of these substances actually look like when their essence is visually depicted?, German artist Sarah Schönfeld performed experiment in her project “All You Can Feel.” She squeezed various drops of various liquid drug mixtures onto negative film which had already been exposed. The substances behaved very differently, growing and expanding into amorphous shapes and vibrant colors that produced wonderfully abstract photographs. Whether depicting heroin, methamphetamine or LSD, her images present a surprising side of pseudo-alchemy, the result of sprinkling psychotropics and neurotransmitters onto photographic negatives and subjecting the swatches to the typical photographic process. What remains are tumbling landscapes, planetary scenes and crystallized universes, dancing about in a manner dissonantly similar to the feelings you might associated with each substance.

Sarah Schönfeld - caffeine
Sarah Schönfeld - cocaine
Sarah Schönfeld - crystal meth
Crystal Meth
Sarah Schönfeld - heroin blue
Sarah Schönfeld - ketamine 1
Sarah Schönfeld - ketamine
Sarah Schönfeld - lsd
Sarah Schönfeld - magic
Sarah Schönfeld - valium

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