Sarah St. Clair Renard – Fashion Photography

Sarah St. Clair Renard - as sweet as vintage

Sarah St. Clair Renard is an emerging fashion and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. When she was about 7 she got a little weird camera from her mother. Little Sarah chronicled her grandparents’ house in a very specific manner. Since then she enjoys moments and lets them inspire her. Renard took her first photography class when she was 16, in high school and set out as a photographer after moving to Los Angeles. Sarah is very much inspired by contemporary art, daily news and random things on the street. She loves going to museums and voyeuristic experiences. A young photographer enjoys the merging of art and commercialism. “It’s open for interpretation how you want to present clothes, and often it’s more visceral than straight up advertising photography, especially editorial fashion. I just really enjoy playing with form and style and I love some of the creative people you get to work with,” she says.

Sarah St. Clair Renard - golden dress Sarah St. Clair Renard - hannah Sarah St. Clair Renard - kelly Sarah St. Clair Renard - neon Sarah St. Clair Renard - psychedelic desert Sarah St. Clair Renard - psychedelic fashion Sarah St. Clair Renard - psychedelic look

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