Scott Radke – Sorrowful Faces Inspired by Happiness

Scott Radke - a forest creature

These hauntingly beautiful sculptural hybrid creatures are created by Scott Radke. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in the nearby suburb of Strongsville. He has experimented with various media throughout his life and currently focuses on sculpting with clay, making humans, animals and other impressively delicate things. The most striking part of his work is the beautiful and poignantly expressive faces of his creatures. Their faces are mournful, coy, longing, with an extraordinary innocent, yet dark twist. Reading their facial expressions is very important. At a glance one might find their face to be too similar to each other. Obviously, they share melancholy, murky sense, but each actually has a very unique appearance. Scott is highly influenced by nature and happiness. One might think that there is no happiness in his work, but it would not exist without sadness. They are strongly linked to each other, as we are surrounded by mysterious and illusory things throughout our life.

Scott Radke - blue bird Scott Radke - clowns Scott Radke - faces Scott Radke - hand Scott Radke - mother and child Scott Radke - sunface Scott Radke -

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