Jon Foster – Intensive Emotions of Muted Pallet

Jon Foster - mask

An American artist Jon Foster invites us to the world of fantasy and adventures. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1989 with a BFA in Illustration. His work includes fantasy book covers, graphic stories, concept designs, as well as interior illustration and comic book covers. Foster combines digital and traditional techniques. He often starts with traditional pencil sketches, takes the final sketch into the computer, paints the image digitally, then prints it out at a large scale and finishes the work with oil paints. The artist has a bold, painterly style. The artworks are known to have a dark and muted color pallet, rich with the textures of brush-strokes. His digital paintings are always visually captivating; you can build the greatest story and mystery behind each illustration. Intensity is at the core of his art, intensity of color, drama, and emotion.

Jon Foster - brass angel Jon Foster - bridge of birds Jon Foster - fire cronicles Jon Foster - four horsemen Jon Foster - lady of N Jon Foster - marsh Jon Foster - sea of the dead Jon Foster - shadroch Jon Foster - under green

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