Suzan Drummen – Psychedelic Installations

Suzan Drummen - a ceiling

These kaleidoscopic large-scale installations are made by a Dutch artist Suzan Drummen. She is fascinated by the process of exploring the beauty which is the main idea in her work. The artist plays with space, optical illusion and effects, exploring the beautiful details of everyday life. The complex circular patterns of floor installations are made with an array of individually placed crystals, mirrors, chromed metal, precious stones, and optical glass. When viewed from above, the work looks organized and neat, but Suzan places each glossy element loosely on the floor – the thousands of objects in these installations are placed and stacked by hand and sit completely loose during the exhibition, making the artwork vulnerable and ephemeral.

Suzan Drummen - collage work Suzan Drummen - collage Suzan Drummen - colorful Suzan Drummen - floor Suzan Drummen - glitter Suzan Drummen - house Suzan Drummen - installation wall Suzan Drummen - mirror art Suzan Drummen - wall

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  1. I’m really excited about your work, Suzan. Is there a book of some of your works available for sale? I do mandalic videos here in Santa Monica, CA, USA.

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