Yuko Rabbit – Mixing Different Cultures

Yuko Rabbit - back to natureYuko Rabbit is an artist and illustrator residing in Tokyo, Japan. She creates stunning comic book illustrations and fantasy digital paintings. Her visual style is a firm blend between Japanese anime and European art, harmoniously mixing the most pleasing aspects of them. Yuko flawlessly creates a mixture of contraries; simple shapes with complex details, traditional medium with digital effects. She is strongly inspired by philosophy, photography, music, literature, and movies. As an artist, she constantly participates in some art shows and events. Her personal works have been featured in several art magazines, design blogs and social networking sites.

Yuko Rabbit - bel homme Yuko Rabbit - dive lust Yuko Rabbit - halo Yuko Rabbit - overlap Yuko Rabbit - the rabbits are hereyukorabb.it

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