Tatiana Plakhova – Chaotic Structures

Tatiana Plakhova - a flower

Tatiana Plakhova is an illustrator, designer and art director living and working in Russia. She graduated from Moscow State University with a Master in Social Psychology, and then went on to study graphic design in High Academic School of Graphic Design. Her works are based on mathematical simplicity and harmony. This mathematical style helps her to illustrate everything from biological cell to the space and pensive worlds. She creates both chaos and harmony. “Chaos has its own structure, and each structure contains chaos. I am attracted by both characteristics. They are both inseparable and the basic laws of the world we live in. We can’t enjoy the beauty of waves, stars and leaves without the chaotic, unpredictable, disordered part of live,” says she.

Tatiana Plakhova - blue feathersTatiana Plakhova - abstract green Tatiana Plakhova - red flowers Tatiana Plakhova - spring flowers Tatiana Plakhova - spring Tatiana Plakhova - violet Tatiana Plakhova - water abstract Tatiana Plakhova - blue forms Tatiana Plakhova - circle Tatiana Plakhova - red garden Tatiana Plakhova - trees



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