The Cosmic Spark by Tim Barton

tim barton - rose_nebula

Tim Barton is a digital artist from Houston, Texas. He finds his inspiration in science. Tim started creating artwork in high school and was captured by the inescapable gravity of creating paintings of outer space using Photoshop. “I am in constant awe of the immensity and grandeur of the universe – the flowing seas of dust reflecting the light of a million violent furnaces, cooking together the building blocks of future evolving life.  We come from stars just like those we see in the night sky.  We are captivated by the urge to explore and see new sights, though we are trapped on this tiny speck of solar driftwood, swirling through the cosmos, constantly peering out into the abyss with our instruments, looking into the past,” he says.

tim barton - adagio_for_a_romance tim barton - chromataclysm tim barton - endurance tim barton - solar_driftwood tim barton - structures_of_the_universe tim barton - tears_of_ithaca tim barton - cosmic_colornova

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