Tokujin Yoshioka – Art of Natural Processes

Tokujin Yoshioka - a snow installation

Tokujin Yoshioka is an amazing artist from Tokyo, Japan. His works transcend the boundaries of architecture, product design, and exhibition installation. Tokujin creates stunning sculptures and large-scale installations which expose the otherwise unseen, delicate morphogenetic processes found in natural processes such as crystal formation, and the way prisms and spaces interact with light. By making natural processes part of the art, the artist always tries to reveal the inborn beauty and creative “energy” in nature. Yoshioka literally grows his organic sculptures as one would grow plants in a greenhouse through the use of a special liquid which allows natural crystals to grow easily. Sometimes he even allows the crystals to assume their shapes while playing the music to them.

Tokujin Yoshioka - crystal chair Tokujin Yoshioka - crystal closeup Tokujin Yoshioka - crystal room Tokujin Yoshioka - crystalize Tokujin Yoshioka - crystals of lake Tokujin Yoshioka - installation art Tokujin Yoshioka - installation wall Tokujin Yoshioka - installation Tokujin Yoshioka - tornado

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