Reynald Drouhin – Landscape Monolith

Reynald Drouhin - blue icebeg

Reynald Drouhin is a multimedia artist based out of Paris. He has a unique talent of using a combination of photography and digital manipulation to create mind-blowing images. “Landscape Monolith” is an art project which consists of digitally manipulated images of stunning natural landscapes. Reynald places a mysterious prismatic shape directly in the centre of the horizon and then flips it, creating a mirrored reflection and a confusing visual effect of an otherworldly transparent object hovering in desolate locations. The pictures tease our senses and bring up thoughts of unusual phenomenon which is both threatening and inviting. The artist offers his viewers the chance to see the world from impressively unique perspectives.

Reynald Drouhin - bridge Reynald Drouhin - ice Reynald Drouhin - iceberg Reynald Drouhin - photography Reynald Drouhin - seascape Reynald Drouhin - sky Reynald Drouhin - sunset Reynald Drouhin - water

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