Tomas Schneider – Sculptures seen in Dreams

Tomas Schneider Sculpture 1

Tomas Schneider is an American sculptor and designer. He was grown up in central Texas and currently is living in Pennsylvania. Tomas sculpts quite eerie Bosch-like subjects such as dinosaur-sized crowns, machine-gun savvy pelicans or humanoid panda bears. As the artist says, he acquires inspiration into his dream life in which he meets his “sculptures-to-be.”  Since Schneider’s dreams have always come “complete with colour, smell, taste, and touch,” he has no trouble touching on his brand of inspiration each night. Remembering it clearly in the morning, however, is a different matter.  To solve the problem, Schneider has developed some practices for becoming more conscious and involved in dream time. He goes through mental checklists or meditations each night before bed to be more present. He finds that periodically waking himself up throughout the night helps him to remember his dreams as they come.

Tomas Schneider Sculpture 2

Tomas Schneider Sculpture 3

Tomas Schneider Sculpture 4

Tomas Schneider Sculpture 5

Tomas Schneider Sculpture 6

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